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Democracy for America Asks for Montanans’ Stories June 23, 2009

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I was pleased to receive an email from Democracy for America asking me if I would be a compelling voice for health care reform.  Here is what I submitted:

I have a history in politics, was semi-Republican once upon a time, come from a pretty conservative family, and am 1/2 Canadian.  I’ve heard it all.

Here is my current story. I am pregnant with twins and am not confident that I will be granted the birth experience that I and my babies deserve.  Using surgical specialists for natural physiologic birth in [sic] evidence of wasteful use of medical services and leads to inappropriately interventive “care.”  Homebirth is neither supported by my health insurance (I work for the University of Montana and select my plan based on their offerings – none of which include compensation for homebirth services.)  The US medical system currently embraces the over-use of major medical services like cesarean surgery (31% when the WHO recommends 10-15%) and does not have the maternal/fetal outcomes to support it (among the WORST in the industrialized world).

This is just one area of misuse and abuse of the current healthcare system.  I’ve heard a lot from family, friends, and others who do not support a more socialized form of health care.  However, they forget that they too wait for elective surgeries and for appointments with specialists and that the majority of us are at the mercy of massive HMOs who dictate to patients and doctors alike the type of care that will be provided.  Additionally, like education I see health care as a social service that institutionally should not be a profit-making venture.

Thank you for reading.  I applaud your efforts to bring Baucus more in line with President Obama.  If health care has given nearly $4 million to him over the years… then his involvement with health care reform is compromised.

Also, if you’re curious head over to Trial of Labor to read the latest  about my struggle with natural birth in a hospital setting.


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